Prof. Sir Michael Atiyah

Professor Sir Michael Atiyah has made fundamental contributions to many areas of mathematics, but specially to Topology, Geometry and Analysis. From his first major contribution - topological K-theory - to his more recent work on Quantum Field Theory, Atiyah has been influential in the development of new theoretical tools and has supplied far-reaching insights. He is a notable collaborator, with his name linked with other outstanding mathematicians through their joint research, such as R. Bott, F. Hirzebruch and I. Singer, or some of his notable students, like G. Singer, N. Hitchin and S. Donaldson.
He was awarded a Fields Medal in 1966, the Copley Medal in 1988 and Abel Prize in 2004. Atiyah has been President of the Royal Society and Master of Trinity College, Cambridge.
He was the first Director of the Newton Institute at the University of Cambridge and has been the recipient of many honors and awards, including in the UK a knighthood in 1983 and the Order of Merit in 1992.

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