Discussion Sessions


Discussion Sessions intend to bring together groups of stimulating researchers participating in the Conference, in such a manner, to encourage extensive interaction between different areas of science and knowledge, whenever possible.

There will be four Discussion Sessions, one for each topic:
  • Boundary Value Problems, Scattering, and Inverse Problems
  • Big Data, Simulation, and Data Mining
  • Dynamical Systems, Control, and Optimization
  • Stochastic and Statistics Analysis
The Discussion Sessions are open to all participants, in which we encourage to actively participate. With this sessions we intend to promote the possibility of:
  • Identifying models and problems common to different areas of science;
  • Identifying applications to more theoretical studies;
  • Identifying new theoretical problems coming from applications;
  • Generating and exposing current open problems in theses fields.


A Discussion Session has a panel which serve both as moderators of the discussion, and as facilitators of open questions. A chair will preside the panel. Each member in the panel will bring to discussion a relevant problem, an open problem or some ideas which he/she believes to be interesting for researchers outside of his/her expertise. These will serve as fuel for the Discussion Session.

Since we encourage the participation of all, if you have a problem or idea that you find relevant to share, please fill the form bellow or send by e-mail to meme@glocos.org. Such problems will be considered by the Chairman of each Discussion Session.