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  • 23-07-2014 - John Delaney talk

    About the Conference

    The International Conference "Mathematics and Engineering in Marine and Earth Problems" (MEME'2014) will take place at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, on July 22-25, 2014.

    Multidisciplinary collaboration is becoming, more than ever, a fundamental tool to push the progress of scientific research and development. The main goal of MEME'2014 is to provide a multidisciplinary forum where mathematicians, engineers, and other scientists can engage and discuss the development of innovative scientific and technological tools for the study and exploration of the Earth and the Ocean.

    Besides promoting the discussion of recent advances in hot topics of research, the conference is expected to foster a tighter cooperation between theoretical and experimental practitioners leading to the emergence of new research agendas and providing guidelines for future work.

    The conference program will include the usual Plenary Talks (45 min), Talks at Invited Sessions (25 min), Contributed Talks (20 min) and a Poster Session, but will also include Discussion Sessions and a Round-table Session. The speakers of Invited Sessions will be appointed by the organizers of Invited Sessions, who have developed a renowned work in fields of Mathematics and/or Engineering related with Theory or Applications in Marine and Earth Sciences.

    The presentations will be organized around the following theoretical topics:

    • PDEs, Boundary Value Problems, Scattering, and Inverse Problems
    • Big Data, Simulation, and Data Mining
    • ODEs, Dynamical Systems, Control, and Optimization
    • Stochastic and Statistics Analysis

    with applications to the following areas (but not limited to):

    • Climate, hurricanes, and extreme weather events
    • Currents, waves, and ocean energy
    • Geological processes and geo-hazards
    • Geological storage of CO2, natural gas and hazardous materials
    • Hydrogeology and fluid dynamics
    • Evolutionary ecology
    • Population dynamics and models of extinction
    • Exploitation of sea-floor resources and unconventional fossil fuels
    • Navigation of underwater robotic vehicles
    • Underwater communications
    • Earth-Ocean sensor networks

    Both theoretical and applied research, related with Marine and Earth problems, are relevant to the conference, since the event aims to promote the interaction between the two worlds.

    To promote the interaction between participants there will be two initiatives:

    See also Invited Sessions and Call for Submissions for more details.

    A Multidisciplinary Collaboration Example

    Guillaume Jouvet (Plenary Speaker) made a 5-minute-long film for the competition "Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013", which won the third prize among 29 other participants. The film shows how mathematicians and glaciologists work together to produce realistic estimates of the future evolution of glaciers. The film is a part a museum exhibit, which is hosted on the open source project platform IMAGINARY. For further details please see Guillaume's homepage.

  • Organizing Committee

    - Francisco Curado (co-Chairman)
    - Caroline Lavoie
    - Eugénio Rocha (co-Chairman)
    - Clara Sena

    Secretariat and local support:
    - Lirong Huang
    - João Quintas
    - Kelly Murillo
    - Maria Elisa Parracho
    - Manuela Rodrigues
    - Sandrina Santos
    - Rita Simões

    About Aveiro, Portugal

    Known as the Venice of Portugal, Aveiro is surrounded by salt-flats, beaches and lagoons and dominated by the Central Canal running through town. Once a big sea port, Aveiro lies in a region of valleys cut by mountains and fertile lagoon plains.
    The city of Aveiro is crossed by canals, which give it quite an individual character, and in the old quarter tourists can see the quaint whitewashed houses of the fishermen and visit, early in the morning, the Mercado do Peixe, an auction of the fish caught during the night. Of all the boats seen in the area, the moliceiro is the most elegant, being perfectly lined, painted with bright colours and with often ingenious and humorous decorations.

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    A meme (/?mi?m/ meem) is an idea (behavior or style) that spreads from person to person within a culture." - Merriam-Webster Dictionary