Paper Submission

Participants in IDOTA2011 Conference are welcome to submit an original paper or a wide range survey paper (not published or submitted elsewhere), to the following book:

TITLE: Advances in Harmonic Analysis and Operator Theory,
The Stefan Samko Anniversary Volume

EDS: Alexandre Almeida, Luis Castro, Frank-Olme Speck

PUBLISHER: Birkhäuser

SERIES: Operator Theory: Advances and Applications

Papers submission deadline: September 30, 2011.

How to submit: by e-mail, to any of the editors

( ,

The papers should be written in English, carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling, and the initial submission must have between 5 to 20 pages. Longer expositor/survey papers will also be considered.

Please check the paper formats page so you may be aware of the accepted paper page limits.

Each paper should clearly indicate the nature of its scientific contribution.

Manuscripts should be submitted in LaTeX. A LaTeX template for writing papers can be downloaded here:

The submission should include the original source (including all eventual additional files like figures which are admissible only in eps format), and a PDF version of the compiled output.

The personal LaTex commands should be kept to a minimum (e.g., for the real line you should please use directly the most standard command \mathbb{R} and not any other personally renamed command for that).

A manuscript that will not follow these rules will be rejected without review.

All papers (written under the just mentioned conditions) will be subjected to a peer review process and with the usual standards of OTAA (up to direct submission to the editors).

With our compliments,

The Editors,

Alexandre Almeida,  Luís Castro,  Frank Speck