The Center for Research and Development in Mathematics and Applications (University of Aveiro) is pleased to invite you to IDOTA – an international conference in honour of Professor Stefan Samko on the occasion of his 70th birthday – to be held in Aveiro, Portugal, from June 30 to July 2, 2011.

The topics of the conference include (but are not limited to):

- Integral and Differential Operators;
- Variable Exponent Analysis;
- Harmonic Analysis;
- Function Spaces;
- Nonlinear Analysis;
- Factorization Theory;
- Boundary Value Problems;
- and PDEs.

Scientific Committee

- Ravi P. Agarwal (Melbourne, USA)
- Luís Castro (Aveiro, Portugal)
- Martin Costabel (Rennes, France)
- Roland Duduchava (Tbilisi, Georgia)
- António Ferreira dos Santos (Lisbon, Portugal)
- Paulo Jorge Ferreira (Aveiro, Portugal)
- George Hsiao (Delaware, USA)
- Vakhtang Kokilashvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)
- David Natroshvili (Tbilisi, Georgia)
- Nikolaos Papageorgiou (Athens, Greece)
- Carlos Pérez (Sevilla, Spain)
- Lars-Erik Persson (Luleå, Sweden)
- Gueorgui Smirnov (Braga, Portugal)
- Frank-Olme Speck (Lisbon, Portugal)
- Ilya Spitkovsky (Williamsburg, USA)
- Saburou Saitoh (Aveiro, Portugal)
- Vasile Staicu (Aveiro, Portugal)
- Ioannis Stratis (Athens, Greece)
- José Miguel Urbano (Coimbra, Portugal)
- Vladimir Rabinovich (Mexico City, Mexico)
- Wolfgang L. Wendland (Stuttgart, Germany)

Organizing Committee

- Alexandre Almeida
- António Caetano
- Luís Castro (Chairman)
- Ana Paula Nolasco
- Humberto Rafeiro
- Eugénio Rocha
- Manuela Rodrigues
- Sandrina Santos
- Frank-Olme Speck

Conference Contact

Person: Prof. Luis Filipe Castro